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The Vow

The Vow - Jessica Martinez

Contemporary Young Adult novels aren't usually my cup of tea.  It may be that I'm a cynical old bird, but I find the whole 'I am attractive but don't realise it and that cute boy will never notice me' thing a little offputting and unrealistic.  So I had pretty low expectations for The Vow - I expected cheese, lighthearted banter and cute boys.  Colour me surprised....

It took me about 40 pages to fall completely in love with Mo.  He was exactly what a best boy friend should be - supportive but honest, funny yet caring and as a person he is an overachiever but not arrogant about it.  It took me a little while longer to warm to Annie, but when more of her past was revealed, I really wanted to just give her a hug.  Together their dynamic was perfect - sarcastic and funny as well as strong and loving.  But it wasn't just their personalities that made it for me - it was also the fact that neither of them were perfect, and there was far more at play than just the relationship between Annie and Mo.

The family dynamics were also memorable - firstly, both families were present throughout the story, despite the fact that Mo is seventeen and Annie eighteen, and secondly they had a very large impact on the plot itself, whether for better or worse.

There are other aspects of the story that I really loved, but they aren't really mentioned in the synopsis, so you're going to have to read this yourself and find out ;)

The part I was most wary about in this book was the whole marriage bit, but Jessica Martinez made everything feel realistic and addressed every possible bump that I could imagine, and did it with sincerity.  

The Vow is now firmly one of my favourite YA contemporaries and gave me far much more than I expected - characters that I loved, a realistic plot and a writing style that felt comfortable and was easy to lose myself in.  If you like contemporary YA with a bit of an edge, then I definitely recommend The Vow, and even if you are more fond of adult novels, The Vow has enough cross-over appeal for all readers.

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