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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Kasie West

You know that moment you finish a book and think 'why the hell did I wait SO LONG TO READ THIS?' - that feeling is exactly how I felt about Pivot Point.  It's been sitting on my shelves since shortly after its release, and although it had received glowing reviews from nearly every YA reader I know, I still passed it over for other books on at least a dozen occasions.

It was only when I was 'browsing' (aka I have tried 4 or 5 books and they were all rubbish) my shelves for something I knew other people had loved that I decided it was time to get reading Pivot Point - and then I devoured the damn thing.


As I'm not a huge fan of paranormal novels as a general rule, I was a bit iffy about that element - sometimes they work for me and other times they don't - but luckily in Pivot Point although it wasn't my favourite part of the story, it works really well.  I think the key point is that it's believable - West has plausible explanations for the whole paranormal aspect - how they live, how they can be undetected and not be a flaming dystopian mess.

But by far, the stars of the show are the characters.  I loved Addie - she's a bookworm which automatically gets bonus points, but she also has a sarcasm that I really enjoyed, a determination that made me admire her, and a loyalty that made me want to be friends with her.  In other words, she's the kind of character I'd love to see far more often in YA - she's down to earth, likeable and feels like a real person.

Then there are the boys.  I'm not a fan-girl when it comes to book boys - I think I've used the phrase 'book boyfriend' a grand total of once, but all I will say is 'oh, Trevor'.  I loved him from the first moment he was introduced as a character - quiet but not grumpy, cute but not arrogant, damaged but not angry and the absolute perfect match for Addie.  All the while I was reading Pivot Point, I just wanted more of him, especially towards the ending when he has the most heartbreaking line pretty much ever (which I won't add here as it's a bit spoilery).

I honestly thought Pivot Point would be just another YA paranormal romance, but it was so much more.  There is also a thriller/mystery element which I didn't expect and yet I really really enjoyed it - for me it added an extra level to the whole package that made it just a fabulous read.  

If Pivot Point is languishing on your shelves waiting for 'one day' - go straight to your bookshelf right now (yes, NOW) and read it - it will definitely be worth your time!

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