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Just Like Fate - Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young I liked Cat Patrick's Revived when I read it earlier this year, and I was intrigued by the synopsis for Just Like Fate - although I'm not a huge believer in the whole 'destiny' thing, I do think there is some things that are fated to happen.

The initial part of the story was a little hard to swallow - Caroline is faced with a choice between spending another night in the hospital with her seriously ill grandmother who she has lived with for the past few years, or attend a party with her best friend. Maybe to most of us it's an obvious choice, but Caroline does everything she possibly can to avoid confrontation so it's a decision she finds impossible to make.

Despite her aversion to confrontation, and therefore tagged by her family and friends as a 'runner', Caroline is easy to like. She genuinely suffers through the consequences of all of her actions and I could understand why she had such difficulty making choices. And as the synopsis obviously states, there's a love triangle, but it's made infinitely more palatable by the fact that they separated by the paths Caroline travels.

What really made this book for me, however, was Chris. He charmed me, as he charmed Caroline, right from the moment they met. Despite all the issues that Caroline had going on in her personal life, he was sweet, low-pressure and there for her whenever she needed it. Unlike the other douche-bag boy in her life, her supposed childhood friend and teenage crush, Joel who had almost no redeeming features that I could find.

Caroline's family also play a part in her story, and particularly her changing relationship with her older sister was an important part of the story-line and with her parents being divorced and both remarried, there was a lot of family involvement where other authors would have just focused on the relationships that Caroline built with the two boys.

All the way through I was curious to see how Cat Patrick would resolve the story, and without spoiling anything, the ending fit perfectly and I was left feeling incredibly satisfied.