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Fang Girl

Fang Girl - Helen Keeble

I'd heard great things about Helen Keeble's Fang Girl, and when I was looking for a light, fun read, it was exactly the ticket. Plus the synopsis had me very curious - a vampire goldfish and parents that want to be vampires? I was so in.

Jane Green is a girl completely obsessed with vampires, and she knows her stuff. So when she wakes up in a coffin, it's pretty much instantly that she realises she's become her own obsession, and with a few added bonuses - or perhaps complications.

I adored Jane's quirky yet close family, in particular her brother with his steampunk obsession which was a lot of fun, and her parents with their almost immediate acceptance of their daughters' undead return to their lives. I loved all the banter between the characters, but especially between Jane and her family as I didn't expect them to feature quite so prominently. What I really liked about Jane was the way she faced her considerable life change with tenacity and bravery and more than a few smart-arse lines.

Very tongue-in-cheek and bordering on a piss take without being condescending towards vampire lovers, Fang Girl is fun, humourous and brings a few unique twists on traditional vampire characteristics, including a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder which in turn makes for some unique vampire slaying techniques.

With crosses, double-crosses, shocking revelations and a whole bunch of fabulously different characters, Fang Girl was a quick but very enjoyable read and Helen Keeble definitely has a new fan in me.

If you need a fun, snarky read with some very unique characters and a few twists on vampire lore, I can highly recommend Fang Girl.

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