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Anatomy of a Single Girl

Anatomy of a Single Girl - Daria Snadowsky

As soon as I finished the first book in the Anatomy series (Anatomy of a Boyfriend), I went straight on to Anatomy of a Single Girl because I was really enjoying the honesty, humour and spectacular awkwardness of the main character, Dom. As well as the relationship and sex perspective of the first book, I wanted to see just what would happen next as Dom entered college.

Starting not long after the end of Anatomy of a Boyfriend, you could probably read this novel as a standalone, but I'm going to recommend reading it after Boyfriend because it's great to see the way that Dom grows as a character from the lovesick teenager to a confident, happy woman.

What I liked about Dom in the first book, and even more after finishing Single Girl was that she was so certain about some parts of her life, while still being insecure about others. It's pretty unusual to find someone who is completely confident in every aspect of their lives, so it made her much more relatable and down-to-earth.

The romance side in Single Girl is very different from Boyfriend - it feels much more mature and realistic and there's a much more magnetic attraction than Dom had with Wes. All of this reflects how much Dom grows over the course of the books, and in particular over the course of Single Girl.

There's a greater focus on the more positive sides of sexual relationships, and even more so than in Boyfriend, Ms. Snadowsky really gets down to the nitty gritty and covers more than the intimacy of sex, branching out into sexual health - something I haven't come across often in YA/NA novels.

This is a great series - as I said in my review of Boyfriend, I really wish I'd read these books when I was a teenager - they are incredibly honest and open, the characters are fun and likable, and covers the whole spectrum of growing up - friendships, relationships, sexual experiences, parental relationships and personal growth.

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