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Revived - Cat Patrick

I don't remember why I purchased Revived, but when I read the synopsis whilst looking through my shelves, I was intrigued - a girl who keeps dying and being bought back to life, and is then relocated to a new city with a new name? Colour me curious.

Daisy is an interesting character and obviously the multiple re-starts in her life have taken their toll as she finds it quite difficult to make friends and relate to other kids her age. I did love her interest in interior design, and once she began to make friends with Audrey and Matt, her personality really emerged, and her relationship with Matt was quite sweet and realistic. I also really liked Audrey and the friendship she formed with Daisy worked very well - their instant bonding was believable and fun.

However, Daisy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer - she doesn't seem to understand the seriousness of the Revive program, and just how closely guarded this secret seems to be - which is odd as she has been moved every time she has been revived and the fact that she lives with two agents of the program. I also found that there was a lot of information on the actual program missing from the story - how was it developed, how did it work, what were the possible side effects that are hinted at early on but seemingly are forgotten about later on in the story?

And although there is a cast of other minor characters that are part of the program, they are pretty much skimmed over, I wanted more information on what had happened to them and their lives in the program.

Overall I enjoyed Revived, Cat Patrick's writing style made for a quick read, and the characters although not overly complicated felt realistic and for the most part were likable and relatable. However, some of the plot inconsistencies and lack of world-building were quite irritating and the ending, although there was some tension, was a little bit of a let down.

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