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OCD Love Story

OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu

I don't think I've ever read a book about OCD before, but it's something that I'm guilty of using in jest myself - saying that I'm slightly OCD about having my books in strict alphabetical order, or about washing my hands before dinner and bed - without really thinking about the people that are genuinely affected by it.

And some OCD sufferers may not like that the author of OCD Love Story doesn't have OCD - and I was a little wary myself - can you really get into the mind of someone with OCD without having experienced it first hand? But Corey Ann Haydu never had me doubting her sincerity for a moment.

When the book begins, Bea is a seemingly average teenage girl with a few 'quirks'. She has a tendency to obsess over people in her life, and although in the beginning it's not explicitly explained, there is obviously far more to her story than first impressions would have me believe.

Bea is a likable character, if a little naive and not particularly self-aware. She has one close friend and a bunch of peripheral acquaintances, but for the most part she seems quite unremarkable which actually makes her a little more endearing. As a reader I wanted to reach through the pages and either hug her or give her a stern talking to on more than one occasion I enjoyed the blossoming romance between Bea and Beck (no insta-love here folks), and I didn't particularly like nor dislike Beck - it was hard to see where the attraction between himself and Bea really came from apart from similar experiences, although perhaps that was the point.

One thing I did notice after the first 100 or so pages was the lack of parental involvement, and although Bea herself actually states further on that her mother is completely disinterested and doesn't seem to understand the severity of the situation, it felt like a bit of a cop out to be honest - even a disinterested parent can have a little more involvement in a story, even if it is just being a blatant arsehole.

Bea's spiral really starts to ramp up the pace of the story in the second half of the book, and it's almost like a car crash - I knew something bad was going to happen and yet I couldn't look away.

Overall I really enjoyed OCD Love Story despite a few small issues and I think Corey Ann Haydu's writing is excellent and really fits the tone of the story.

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