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Hater (Hater #1)

Hater - David Moody

Hater has been on my TBR list for a long time, and as a fan of David Moody's Autumn series, I was looking forward to getting into this one and reading something a little different, and despite my assumptions, is not a zombie novel.

Essentially Hater is the story of one average guy, Danny, who has a job he hates and lives in a flat on a dodgy council estate with his partner and three children. As a series of seemingly random attacks take place in the city where he lives and works, he takes the step of barricading his family in their flat for their safety, only venturing out reluctantly in search of supplies.

The tension builds slowly, and the first half of the book is full of flash scenes of the virus attacking at random, which I love in any apocalyptic book and in Hater it's pretty confronting - school girls, policemen, the elderly - no one is immune to the random impact of the virus. The Haters themselves are initially uncontrollable, but after the initial outburst become more subdued and cannot be easily distinguished from other non-infected people.

I really liked that Hater is about an average guy - he's certainly no hero, and as the story progresses, his family become increasingly paranoid even of each other - snapped words and sharp looks caused by living in such a stressful environment begin to push them closer to turning on each other.

Hater is an addictive read and certainly has the one-more-chapter feel, right up until the twist and climax which went in a direction that I certainly wasn't expecting. It's fabulously unpredictable and I'd love to tell you more about it, but it's difficult without giving important parts of the story away.

My only reason for not giving it a full five star rating is that the characters can be a little unlikable and there are a few periods of what I can only call repetitive whinging. But otherwise Hater is an intense and extremely tense read, and David Moody holds absolutely nothing back.

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