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Eyewall - H. W. Buzz Bernard

Another day, another distaster novel? Well, yes and no.

The most fascinating and different thing about Eyewall is the perspective. Mainly told through the experiences of the crew of the Hurricane Hunter that discovers just how deadly Hurricane Janet will actually be, there are also some parts that focus on a family trapped on the island Janet is stalking towards, and the meterologist who takes the biggest risk of his career in an attempt to save the unsuspecting residents.

Eyewall keeps the tension high, and the pace for the vast majority is spot on. The story of the family that finds themselves trapped is a necessary part of the story in setting the scene, but they were certainly not the characters that stood out - that honour goes to the crew.

Usually in such a book I like a wide range of perspectives, but I'm glad that Eyewall didn't have that - I was completely focused on the group that found themselves thrown together by circumstance, fighting to survive in the face of nasty Janet.

The ending was the only part that let me down just a little - there is a epilogue of sorts, but unfortunately it didn't really cover all the characters that I wanted closure on.

Overall, Eyewall is a good thriller - and one that I really enjoyed. Interestingly, the author is a retired meteorologist, and his way of explaining storm phenomena was incredibly well written and accessible, even to non-sciencey type people like me!

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