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The Promise

The Promise - Lesley Pearse

As soon as I finished reading Belle, which I really enjoyed, I got my hands on a copy of The Promise - I had to find out more about Belle and see what her future held, particularly as The Promise is set during World War I.

Picking up almost exactly where Belle finished, The Promise continues the story of Belle's struggles upon her return to England after being kidnapped and sold into prostitution as a teenage girl, her budding career as a milliner, and her time as an ambulance driver in France during the war.

There is far more romance in The Promise than in Belle, and although the story line is in parts slightly predictable, it's still an emotional, harrowing read, and a real page-turner. Lesley Pearse is a straight forward writer which works well with this story - the pace is excellent, and her storytelling really puts the reader in the time and place the story is set.

One thing that I found a little bit disappointing after Belle, was Belle herself - in the first book she is a much stronger, determined character, and at times in The Promise I was just waiting for her to wake up and get back that fire that had carried her so successfully through the first book. However the other characters, old and new, still play a major part in the story, and there are some very moving scenes, particularly in the second half of the book.

The ending of The Promise plays out almost exactly how I suspected it always would, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a touching and emotional journey getting there.

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