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Eve (Eve #1)

Eve - Anna Carey

I'm going to be brutally honest - I didn't have big expectations going into Eve. The synopsis doesn't tell you exactly what the terrible secret is that Eve discovers, but I had a sneaking suspicion that although it would be shocking, it wouldn't exactly be unexpected.

Having lower expectations is not always a bad thing, and I believe those lowered expectations helped me enjoy Eve much more than if it had been a book that I'd been eagerly awaiting - I'm going to call this a 'comfort dystopian' - it's fun (as dystopians go), easy-to-read and moves along at a fair pace.

Eve is incredibly naive, and at first that bugged me - I mean, really, you live in an all-girls-school and you think that when you graduate you're going to live a normal life? There was a virus that killed most of the human population, maybe you're being slightly unrealistic? But after a while, I ignored my irritations and just enjoyed the story. None of the characters are completely fleshed out, and there's a big dose of insta-love between Eve and Caleb, but none of the characters are completely irritating.

Ms. Carey has some interesting ideas for a dystopia, along with some disturbing ideas on how the world would repopulate itself after such a devastating virus, a megalomaniac ruler and how quickly humans can degenerate into some pretty shady characters. The world-building is a little lacking in history and explanation and Eve makes a pretty quick turn in her view of the world, but it forms a solid base.

I don't really know what else to say about Eve - it didn't blow me away, but it certainly didn't make me want to headbutt anyone either - I think my description of a comfort dystopian is quite appropriate for how I felt about the book, but it could be brilliant for a reader who isn't completely comfortable with the grittiness of some dystopian worlds.

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