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The Hunt (The Hunt #1)

The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

I'm loving the current batch of male lead characters in YA - and Gene is a great addition to the bunch. As one of the last surviving humans alive in a vampire-ruled world, he has to adjust every part of his 'normal' behaviour in order to blend in with the vampires that surround him every day. To slip up, even in the smallest way, such a sneezing or missing a spot when shaving can mean the end of his life, so he chooses to isolate himself as much as possible from everyone.

Now I know there are going to be some vampire 'purists' out there which find the mannerisms of the vampires in The Hunt quite odd - but for me I love a bit of unique, and this book certainly delivers. It also adds to the creepiness, especially when the vampires are 'feeding'.

The Hunt is written in 'edge-of-your-seat' style - the action sequences are excellent, and the story moves along as a fair pace, even in the middle when the tension is still being built.

I had a few teeny niggles with this book though, firstly there's no mention of how the world came to be ruled by vampires and how Gene manages to come up with razors for shaving (for example) and secondly that one of the twists in the plot I guessed far before it actually happened. But really, that's not enough to spoil my enjoyment in this book.

If you're looking for a unique read in the vampire genre, with good pacing and great action sequences, I can highly recommend The Hunt.

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