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Survival After the Zombie Apocalypse (Zombie Apocalypse #2)

Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse - Lee Emerick

Told through alternating present day and flashbacks, Survival After the Zombie Apocalypse is the story of Konnor, who, 20 years after the zombapocalypse, is living in relative peace one of the last strongholds of humanity. However things are about to take a sinister turn when the water purifier buried deep beneath the ground in a former government military bunker breaks down, threatening to spread the zombie virus through the survivor community. 

Although Harri from 20 Years After the Zombie Apocalypse is briefly mentioned, this book also functions as a stand-alone. The story of Konnor is barely touched upon in 20 Years After the Zombie Apocalypse and equally in Survival After the Zombie Apocalypse, Harri plays a very minor part.

Survival After the Zombie Apocalypse is non-stop action and packs a lot of punch in a very short space of time (140 pages on my Sony reader), and the tension is high during the present day scenes, but I found the flashbacks to be most interesting - learning about how Konnor made it through the zombapocalypse and met up with the band of survivors he now lives with.

One problem I did have with this book was the stilted dialogue. Particularly noticeable in the beginning, characters speak very formally, using full words such as I will instead of I’ll and we will instead of we’ll – which didn’t exactly sit right with me, particularly during scenes where the survivors are being hunted by the undead - I definitely would have been speaking in contractions with zombie teeth snapping at my ankles!

Otherwise this is a good zombie tale – the underground scenes are very creepy and there is an interesting science-y (yeah, that’s my word, OK?!) explanation for the virus which also ends the book nicely.

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