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Tag  - Simon Royle

I was a little hesitant when I first received this book. The blurb sounded quite science-fictioney (yeah, that’s a word!) and I thought I may have been a little out of my comfort zone. However, I was about to have a very pleasant surprise.

Tag is more futuristic than science-fiction, and the technological advances of 2110 are not far-fetched, they are easily imaginable. International travel has become a breeze, cash is a thing of the past and convenience is exactly what the word suggests. But although the world has a pretty surface, underneath planet Earth and its surroundings are quickly descending into 1984-esque habits, without even realizing what is happening.

The characters in Tag are complex, well-drawn and likeable, despicable or sitting on the fence. Allegiances are formed and withdrawn as the story progresses, and the twists are surprising and sometimes heart-wrenching. The story is told either in first person POV through Jonah, or third person POV through other key characters.

There are a few small niggles for me in this book – the physical descriptions of the characters are a little repetitive, there are a couple of small errors and there are a few places in the book where the action takes a dip – but these could be easily rectified by a good editor, and make Tag a truly fantastic book.

Apart from these small issues, I was very impressed and enthralled by Tag. Don’t be put off thinking this book is science-fiction – it is in a way, but it’s a book that would appeal to anyone that enjoys a good thriller, a good story or an excellent futuristic book!

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