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Pure (Pure #1)

Pure - Julianna Baggott

When I first read the synopsis of this book, I was a little bit reluctant to start reading. Although dystopian fiction is one of my favourites, it all sounded a little bit ‘YA-romancey’’ to me. However, as I skimmed through the first few pages, I decided maybe it could be better than it sounded.

Julianna Baggott describes the post-apocalyptic/dystopic world after The Detonations in a way that sucks you right into the story from page one. Mutated animals, disfigured humans, creatures that defy definition are all part of a world that is unrecognizable, yet recognizable at the same time.
The characters, particularly Pressia, are so well defined and drawn I was immediately immersed into their lives, their feelings and their very different situations.

For me, this book is not YA in the traditional sense. It is brutal, ugly and beautiful all at the same time, and although the main characters are in their teens, their speech, thought and actions are for the most part that of older characters, giving a real sense that they had grown up in the world so intricately created by Ms. Baggott.

The science behind the Detonations and the Dome are examined and to some extent explained, but not in a way that is overwhelming for readers who may not be overly interested in that facet of the book – in fact, it is so well intertwined that at times I didn’t really even notice!

The only negative for me is that I found the book to be slightly long, perhaps 50 pages longer than it could have been, but that didn’t dampen my enjoyment of this book.

I highly recommend this book to fans of YA-dystopia, dystopia and post-apocalyptic genres.

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