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The Flu

The Flu (A Novel of the Outbreak) - Jacqueline Druga

I purchased The Flu thinking it would be an OK read. A filler if you like, something easy to read on my daily commute. But I was wrong - very wrong!

The Flu immediately plunges you into the story with characters that are incredibly likable and not the usual infallible types that are predominate in the post-apocalyptic genre. They are normal people with normal lives, and have the same feelings and fears that you can imagine yourself having in such situations.

The story is free-flowing and addictive, easily understandable and not bogged down by the scientific explanations that can make such novels a bit of a chore in places. I read these type of novels for fun, not an education, and The Flu has a big tick in that box.

Now, I do have to mention the errors, spelling and grammatical in this book. But in the end, I didn't care - the story is good, the characters great and these small issues did not distract me from that.

I will definitely be purchasing more of Ms. Druga's stories in future.

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